Sangha Events

Sangha Events

These events are for Friends, Mitras and Order Members.

Sangha weekend retreat at Dhanakosa (25 – 27 August)


This August 25th we are having a weekend long Scottish Sangha retreat
at Dhanakosa. It follows on from the excellent retreat there last year
that some of you will remember.

This year it will be the same team (Amoghavira, Sraddhadharani, Dhiraka,
Satyapada and Abhayavaca) and this year’s theme is the excellent _’SEVEN
POINT MIND TRAINING’_: an inspiring set of teachings from the Tibetan
master Atisa. Included in this teaching is how to develop the Bodhicitta
and transforming adversity into awakening. It’s a practical, rigorous
and approachable teaching.

There will talks and discussion around the theme, ritual, meditation and
plenty space to enjoy the glorious Balquhidder glen in summer. Hope to
see you there.


Bookings made through Dhanakosa  01877 384213





Sangha day festival  (Sunday 4th November)

More details to follow