Sangha Night

Tuesday Sangha Evening (7.30 – 9.30pm)

Open to all who have some experience of meditating focusing on the breath and preferably are familiar with some basic Buddhist teachings such as the Four Noble Truths our Sangha night class is a chance to explore Buddhism and Meditation through a programme of Meditation, ritual and study. The introduction to Meditation and Buddhism course gives a particularly good entry into this class.

Our Sangha night’s are a combination of both stand alone evenings and themed blocks. Each block will be for 3 or 4 weeks where we will explore different themes.  These will be run by a team of people who will each lead an evening on the theme.  We would like to encourage people to come for the whole block to get the most out of it but if you can’t make all of them feel free to just drop in during these times.

Sangha night classes are run on a donation basis.  





28th February – 14th March, “The 3 Lakshanas”, with Sraddhadharini

The development of wisdom is a crucial aspect of Buddhist practice, which at its simplest could be seen as cultivating a healthy relationship with how life really is…… the  way things actually are, rather than the way we think they are or would like them to be. This more accurate understanding can make a big difference to our experience of life and can offer us a welcome taste of the freedom and peace which may have inspired us to begin our journey on the spiritual path in the first place.

Over the next 3 weeks we will be looking at the 3 Lakshanas-the marks or characteristics of conditioned existence (which are impermanence, insubstantiality and unsatisfactoriness). Through periods of meditation, reflection and discussion, we will explore how our responses to the truths that the lakshanas point to have an effect on our day to day experience and what this might mean for our practice.



21st, Tbc

28th, Tbc


4th – 25th, “The 6 characteristics of Triratna”, with Suriyavamsa