Introductory courses

We run introductory day and evening courses, led by Buddhists who have been ordained in the Triratna Buddhist Order.

You can book courses through the EventBrite button below each listed event.  If you are unable to book online please see our bookings page for further information.

Introduction to Buddhist meditation day courses

On this one day course we will introduce the Mindfulness of Breathing and Loving Kindness Meditation practices, which can help us develop more calm, clarity and self awareness as well as emotional qualities such as warmth, care, and contentment. No prior experience is required.

Cost: £35/25 (concession)

  • Saturday 26th October (11am-4pm)
  • Saturday 7th December (11am-4pm)


Essentials of Buddhist Meditation (six-week evening course)

On this six week course we will introduce two meditation practices, one in which we focus on the breath to help develop more concentration, mindfulness and calm and the other in which we evoke positive emotions, such as warmth, confidence and care for ourselves and others. As well as practising the methods themselves we will also be discussing the principles involved, such as the practice of mindfulness on and off the cushion; posture and body awareness; specific focus and broader observation of our experience; balancing effort with relaxation and the role of imagination in encouraging healthier emotions. No prior knowledge is required.

  • Cost: £75/£50  (concession)
  • Thursday’s (7.30-9.30pm), 19th September – 24th October


The Buddhist Path to Freedom (six-week evening course)

On this course we will introduce the basic principles of Buddhism and will discuss the relevance of them to our everyday lives.  Topics will include the The Four Noble Truths, (universal suffering, its cause, eradication and gradual cure) the role of mindfulness in spiritual practice and the three-fold path of Ethics, Meditation and Wisdom.  We will also give instruction in the Mindfulness of Breathing and the Metta Bhavana (Loving Kindness) meditation techniques, which are effective in developing qualities such as calm, concentration, self awareness, warmth, care and contentment.

  • Cost: £75/50  (concession)
  • Thursday’s (7.30-9.30pm), 31st October – 5th December